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Physical Ambiences (GRAP)

Garden of Lights: Eroded Landscapes as Architectural Form Generator


Environmental Controls in Built Environments : an Integrated Design Studio of the Professional Master in Architecture (M.Arch.)

Creative ideas to collectively imagine a House of Professors on the campus of Université Laval.


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The term university refers to an overall notion of collectivity, but in reality, our relations on campus are more of a departmental and disciplinary nature. University collegiality among members of our community is a challenge on a northern campus. What would be the essence of a place of identity dedicated to professorial meetings, social activities, intellectual and union debates, as well as the work of supporting and welcoming professors? The School of Architecture’s professional master’s degree in “Physical Ambiences  and Architectural Design” was conducted in collaboration with the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Wood Engineering programs. Architecturally, the students were invited to imagine a place animated by light, often associated with life, beauty and knowledge, in a theoretical and practical approach related to the well-being of users and sustainable development. The SPUL was pleased to partner with students and professors to present the results of their critical reflection supported by physical models, analyzes and illustrations developed during this workshop.

The exhibition had presented architectural explorations allowing the university community to rediscover the meaning of living together and principle of collegiality in the future House of Professors. The website now allows you to revisit projects at different stages creation.

Graphic design by Philippe Lalande, M.Arch./M.Sc. concurrent masters student, Groupe de recherche en ambiances physiques.





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