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Artificial sky 2.0: simulation of nordic skies

Coming soon: improvement of the existing artificial research sky for simulations of light ambiences under a nordic sky. Adjustment of light intensity and correlated colour temperature. Projected for spring 2019.

Garden of Lights: Eroded Landscapes as Architectural Form Generator

Environmental Controls in Built Environments : an Integrated Design Studio of the Professional Master in Architecture (M.Arch.) Creative ideas to collectively imagine a House of Professors on the campus of Université Laval.          The term university refers to an overall notion of collectivity, but in reality, […]

Warhol in Manhattan Lower East Side: Eroded Landscapes as Architectural Form Generator

Exhibition Physical Ambiances in Architecture : an Integrated Design Process   The exhibition presents the work form architecture students involved in the integrated design studio version of winter 2016. This pre-professinal master studio adresses the role of physical ambiances and is led by professors C. Demers and A Potvin. The exhibition presents the results of the […]

Toward a new concept of bioclimatic office : Claude Demers and André Potvin, invited speakers at the BOMEX 2015 event

Claude Demers and André Potvin, Full Professors at the Groupe de recherche en ambiances physiques, will be invited speakers at the BOMEX® event to discuss new opportunities for commercial real estate buildings. « The organizers of BOMEX® are thrilled to be celebrating its 25th anniversary in Québec City. More than 500 delegates are expected at this packed three-day event, […]

Welcome to new students: research creation grant “Eroded Landscapes as architectural form” FRQ-SC 2014-2017.

  Physical ambiences: design studio production related to an Eroded Landscapes for the exploration of urban verticality: a bioclimatic tower eroded by sun and wind. Eroded landscapes. A FRQ-SC Research Creation Grant. Graduate students are welcome to integrate the project. Please contact C Demers or A Potvin to submit your application. Description of the research […]




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